Infection Prevention and Control


Healthcare associated infections (HCAIs), such as MRSA and C.Difficile can cause serious problems. They can complicate other illnesses and they cause distress to patients and their family. Not all hospital acquired infections are avoidable but many of them can be prevented.

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust is committed to tackling healthcare associated infections and the harm that can result from them. The Infection Prevention and Control Team and other hospital staff are working hard to reduce the risk of infection. This page has been designed to give you quick access to advice on how you can help yourself and others to reduce the risk of infection.

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For more information please contact the Infection Prevention and Control team on 01743 261134.

Other useful downloads:

Infection Control and Prevention Annual Report 2022-2023

Performance Information

Information on the Trust’s MRSA and C.diff. infection rates can be found in the Trust’s Integrated Performance Report. This report is presented to the Trust Board every two months. Please click on the following link to access the most recent Trust Board papers.

MRSA Screening Information

Screening patients for healthcare associated infections helps us to give them the best possible care. It means that we can take action to treat the infection before they come in, or provide them with dedicated specialist care when they come in.

The Trust screens patients for MRSA before coming in for planned surgery or for an overnight stay. We also screen patients once they have been admitted following an emergency. This supports our commitment to full compliance with the national screening policy for MRSA.

In line with national policy, the Trust does not screen very low risk patients such as most paediatric and maternity patients, and patients who are attending for day case endoscopy, eye surgery (e.g. cataracts), and minor dermatological procedures.

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