Feedback Hub

Why does my feedback matter?

Feedback from patients, carers, visitors and anyone else who accesses our services is vital to ensuring safe and kind care. Without telling us what your experience was like, we cannot improve and shape our services with your needs in mind.

Your feedback will be listened to and shared with the relevant team, ward or department. Feedback will be shared with staff, both when things went well and when things could have been better. When improvements are identified, sometimes this can be done quickly and sometimes it may take a while however feedback is always helpful in gaining insight to a patient’s experience and demonstrating when there is a need for change.

Examples of how we use your feedback to improve can be found around the hospitals on “You Said, We Did” posters.

We need you to let us know what we get right as well as if there are things we could do differently or better. There are a number of ways you can do this:

For information about our Friends and Family Test (FFT) please see our FFT Page.

We occasionally run surveys to gather feedback on a range of topics to learn more about people’s experiences help make improvements within the hospital. Our surveys are anonymous to protect your privacy.

We are presently running the following surveys which you can participate in:

    Your story will be shared anonymously with the teams involved. Are you happy for your story to also be passed on anonymously to our Communications Department YesNo

    For information and advice please visit our PALS page.

    What is a ‘patient story’?

    A patient story is a recalled account of your experience, when staying in hospital, or when using one of its services. It is told by you, from your perspective, and allows us to gain a better understanding of what type of care you received. The story may explain what was good or bad about your care, and what could be done to improve future experience.

    Whilst a patient story may not represent everyone’s experience, it highlights the importance of ensuring every individual receives a positive patient experience, whilst at our hospitals.

    How are patient stories used?

    Patient stories are shown in a number of different Trust forums including Trust Board and the Patient and Carer Experience (PaCE) Panel. They provide an opportunity to engage with stakeholders and for staff of all levels to learn and take action to improve services.

    I want to be involved in a patient story

    If you have recently received care from the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital or Princess Royal Hospital and would like to be involved in a patient story, please email with your name, email, phone number and brief description of your experience and we will be in touch.

    Patient Stories

    To read more about how you can share your feedback externally please click here.

    What is it?

    The Secret Shopper Scheme provides an opportunity to give open and honest feedback about how we could improve and what we are doing well. By asking patients, carers and relatives to provide feedback after using our services, we are able to gain an insight into their experiences.

    What will I have to do?

    Secret Shoppers are asked to complete a short survey which reports on different aspects of a patient’s experience – for example, their arrival at the hospital, the food they had and their experience of the staff they encountered. The survey can be completed each time a Secret Shopper visits the hospital or just when they think there is something we should know.

    The survey can be accessed from a QR code which are displayed around the hospital. Paper copies of the survey are also available for anyone who wishes to complete it by hand and surveys can be provided in different formats (e.g. braille, large print, easy read).

    How will my feedback be used?

    The Patient Experience team will collate feedback to share your comments. The summary will identify any areas of good practice and where improvements can be made to improve patient experience. This will be sent to the managers of the areas you have provided feedback on, who will then decide how best to act upon your feedback. Your anonymous comments may be shared within the teams to promote wider learning and support service improvement.


    You don’t need to register or apply to become a Secret Shopper – just scan the QR codes around the hospital or contact the Patient Experience Team.

    If you would like some further information, you can contact us.

    If you would like to receive a survey in another format for example in braille, a different language or would prefer to complete a survey via telephone or by hand, please contact the Patient Experience Team. If you feel none of the above methods are accessible for you, please share your suggestions with the Patient Experience Team.