Emergency Planning

Emergency planning is vital within the NHS to ensure we are prepared for any incident that occurs. Incidents will be classified as one of the following;

A Major Incident: An event or situation, with a range of serious consequences, which requires special arrangements to be implemented by one or more emergency responders. This can occur anywhere outside the hospital or within it.

Key Info

Contact Us

Contact with the Emergency Planning and Resilience Officer can be made via Switchboard.

A Business Continuity Incident: An event which disrupts normal business within the hospital. ( E.g. when a piece of equipment breaks, so tests may have to be temporarily suspended until an alternative can be implemented)

A Critical Incident: Localised disruption resulting in temporary or permanent loss of a critical service. ( E.g. when the emergency department is over whelmed)

Each incident has the potential to impact upon the delivery of services within the Trust and, in turn, patient care. The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust has a responsibility to plan and respond to a range of emergencies and incidents. To ensure we are prepared for these we have a major incident plan which sets out guidance on roles and responsibilities and how the hospital and individuals will respond. We also have a number of business continuity plans to ensure we can maintain our essential services to our patients.

These plans are tested regularly to ensure we respond efficiently and effectively. We use a variety of processes including desk top, live and communications tests. Through these exercises we can test the plans and enable individuals to develop skills and knowledge.

During any incident our communications department will ensure that we communicate widely to ensure the patients and the public are well informed about the situation, the services affected and the expected impact.

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust are part of the West Mercia Local Resilience Forum (WMLRF) which is a partnership, comprised of a number of organisations, with the responsibility of preparing for and responding to major incidents.

Within the forum, the different organisations work together to ensure the best possible preparations and plans are in place to deal with emergencies. The forum has developed a document which lists a number of the top risks that may cause a major incident and the document suggests some actions you can take in response to an event and useful contact details.

For more information, please view the West Mercia Community Risk Register.

For Media

Once a major incident has been declared we will establish a Tactical Command Centre (Silver) on the site involved who will then identify a suitable location for a media centre to be established. Please can we ask you to attend the main entrance of the hospital where you will be directed to the media centre. The communication manager on duty will endeavour to provide you with regular, up-to-date SITREPs.

All requests for staff or patients interviews or for filming on hospital premises should be directed to the press office 01743 261378.