Questions from Members of the Public

We want to be open and transparent about the way we do business. We want to ensure local people and groups have the opportunity to ask questions about our work.

At each meeting of the Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust in public, we will allow approximately 10 minutes for responding to questions from the public.

Questions for the Board of Directors can be asked at any time in writing. However to allow for a full response to be given on the day of the meeting, we ask that questions are submitted in advance, by 10 am on the Tuesday before the Thursday meeting when the answer will be provided verbally. If a reply cannot conveniently be given verbally at the meeting, a written reply will be published on the Trust’s website within a month of the meeting.

Questions should be sent to or sent by post to:

Board Secretary
The Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust
Trust Office,
Mytton Oak Road,

A question may be rejected if it:

  1. is not about a matter for which the Trust is responsible
  2. is defamatory, frivolous or offensive
  3. is substantially the same as a question asked within the last six months
  4. requests the disclosure of information which is confidential or exempt
  5. names, or clearly identifies, a member of staff, patient or any other individual.

By submitting a question, you are consenting to your name, your question/s and the Trusts answer/s to be published on the Trust’s website and, if answered at the Trust meeting, to be included in the minutes of that meeting.

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