Cardiology Inpatient Service – COMPLETED


7This is a proposed temporary service change to inpatient cardiology services. The proposal is to transfer all cardiology inpatient beds to PRH. Currently there are 24 cardiology inpatient beds at RSH, under the proposed changed these would be relocated to Ward 7 (PRH) which is next door to the current cardiology ward.

If this change to service prevision was given, patients will see an improved inpatient service with timely access to diagnostics and intervention. In particular patients who would have previously been admitted to the RSH site and then transferred to PRH would have quicker access to diagnostic and interventional procedures (as these are currently only available at PRH).

The move of all cardiology inpatient services to PRH would be a temporary change and once HTP progresses services will be relocated in a new facility at RSH

Cardiology Presentation

Cardiology Presentation