Our Vision and Values

Our Values 

Our Values represent an important commitment that the decisions we make will be in the best interests of the people we serve and the people we employ.  The Trust’s Values were refreshed and relaunched in 2013. Our Values are:

Blue Wave
Proud to Care
We strive for the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in our work | We make people feel valued | We care about the wellbeing of others | We treat patients, their carers and others with sensitivity and kindness
Red Wave
Make It Happen
We take personal responsibility for making it happen | We help, empower and support others to take responsibility | We are positive about change and innovation | We do not pass the buck, and we are focused on solutions
Green Wave
We Value Respect
We are considerate and we respect one another | We are prepared to challenge behaviour that is not respectful | We respect different people’s needs, aspirations and priorities
Pink Wave
Together We Achieve
We work together effectively at every level to deliver better care for patients | We are open and honest, admitting mistakes and acting with integrity | We value and recognise the contribution of everyone | We support others to achieve their potential

Our Vision Our Vision is to provide the safest and kindest care in the NHS.”

Organisational Strategy

In order to deliver our vision, we worked with our staff, patients and families to shape our Organisational Strategy and produce Strategic Goals.

This strategy sets out how we will build on our achievements to deliver a transformation in our own organisation on our journey to provide the safest and kindest care in the NHS. For more information about our organisational strategy, please see our Organisational Strategy Booklet.

Developing our strategy and long term objectives

Our strategic framework brings together our Mission, Vision and Values which drive our strategic plans. Therefore, the key elements within that framework are:

  • Vision – our aspiration for the future
  • Values – what we stand for
  • Strategy, Goals, Priorities and Objectives – how we will deliver value

This is all described in our Operational Plan 2018 – 2019.

All of our plans and decisions are developed from one overarching organising principle: Putting Patients First. As a result, our first thought has to be, what is right for the patient?

Organising Principle – the core principle that guides everything we do.

Our guiding principle is Putting Patients First.

At The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust we all believe that our role as individuals and as an organisation is to provide the safest possible care, at the highest level of quality we can afford, using the best evidence of what provides the greatest benefit to patients.

We also know that the price of any failure of care is always paid by the patient, and their family. This may be experienced as avoidable harm, or unnecessary delay. We are convinced that by focusing on what patients need us to do we will do the best job we can.

We all want to put patients and their families first. This is the organising principle behind the way we manage the Trust. We believe ‘putting patients first’ is a simple and clear way to remember what we are all here to do.