Reader’s Group

What is a Reader’s Group?

The Reader’s Group consists of members of the public who volunteer their time to read draft patient information produced by the trust.

Members of the Reader’s Group are sent copies of patient information leaflets to help the trust to ensure that they are clear and easy to understand before they are published. Feedback from patients and the public is an integral part of the quality assessment process.

How will the information be sent to me?

To protect the environment members are encouraged to receive information by email. By exception, information can be posted to individual members who do not have email access.

If you receive the information electronically then you can return your comments by email, if you choose to receive the information by post then you will be provided with an envelope for you to return your comments.

What will happen?

Reader’s Group members will be asked for their comments on draft patient leaflets. Readers are asked to consider:

  • Does the information have good punctuation and grammar?
  • Is it clear what the leaflet is about?
  • Does the information make sense?
  • Is the information presented clearly?
  • Is the information easy to understand?
  • Are unusual words or abbreviations explained?
  • Are the risks and benefits identified where appropriate?
  • Is it helpful?
  • Does the information leave you with further questions?
  • Are other sources of information identified, for example support groups and websites?
  • Is any information missing from the leaflet?
  • Any aspect of the leaflet can be commented upon if you feel it needs either improvement or praise.

What happens once I have returned my comments?

Once you have made any comments the leaflets need to be returned within ten days. These comments are then shared with the author and taken into account when the final leaflets are produced.

Why does the trust need a Reader’s Group?

The Reader’s Group will help to ensure that written information is as accessible as possible to the diverse population served within the local community.

How can I become part of the Reader’s Group?

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Reader’s Group please contact the Team by emailing or telephoning 01743 261000 ext. 2503.