Trust Board Meetings

Meetings of the Trust Board take place in public, and members of the press and public are welcome to attend. Time is allocated at the end of each meeting for questions from the public. If you require a hearing loop, or sign or language interpretation, please contact the Trust Board Secretary:

The Board may also require to hold a private meeting of the Board on the same day and has resolved that representatives of the press and other members of the public be excluded from this meeting having regard to the confidential nature of the business to be transacted, publicity of which would be prejudicial to the public interest section 1(2) Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.

Please note that dates, times or venues of meetings may change at short notice. If you are planning to attend, please check this website for confirmation of the time, date and venue in the published agenda of the meeting, or contact the Board Secretary on 01743 492446.

2022 Meetings


At the end of the Board Meeting held on 9th December 2021, the Chair advised the Board that it was her intention to convene a Board Meeting in public, during January 2022. Unfortunately, the proposed meeting has had to be postponed. Details will be published here, in due course, as to when the meeting will now take place.

Anna Milanec,
Company Secretary
Friday 14 January 2022

Event Type Date and Time Venue/Joining Details
Public Board 11 August 2022, 1pm This meeting will be held online. All papers and subsequent minutes are available on the Trust Board Papers Page as usual. You can find out how to submit a question by visiting our questions to the board page.

A livestream link for the Board meeting is available by clicking here.

For information about streaming a live MS Teams event please visit their website. We would also like to note that if on the day there are unforeseen technical issues, then we will revert back to the meeting being held in private and will upload the subsequent minutes in due course.

Public Board 13 October 2022, 1pm TBC
Public Board 10 November 2022, 1pm TBC
Public Board 8 December 2022, 1pm TBC

Previous Meetings

For minutes from Trust Board meetings, please see our Trust Board page.