Our Trust Board Members


The Chair of a Trust Board is a non-executive appointment, accountable to the Secretary of State for Health for giving leadership to the Board and ensuring that it fulfils its full responsibilities. The Chair ensures that the Board:

  • provides efficient and effective healthcare
  • maintains financial viability
  • meets legal and contractual obligations.

The Chair of The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust is Dr Catriona McMahon.

Non-Executive Directors

Every NHS Trust Board must have a majority of lay people on the Board, including the Chairman and Non-Executive Directors. They are appointed from the local community served by the Trust, and their responsibilities include:

  • helping the board to work in the public interest and keep its patients and the public properly informed
  • helping to plan for the future to improve healthcare services
  • making sure that the management team meets its performance targets
  • making sure that the finances of the organisation are managed properly, with accurate information.

Each Non-Executive Director also brings individual skills and personal experience of their community and the NHS to guide the work of the Trust.

The Non-Executive Directors of The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust are:

  • Teresa Boughey
  • Tony Bristlin
  • David Brown
  • Professor Clive Deadman
  • Dr David Lee
  • Professor Trevor Purt

Executive Directors

The Executive Directors are experts led by a Chief Executive. Each Executive has their own clinical/functional responsibilities (e.g. medical, finance) as well as being a corporate member of the Board

The Chief Executive of the Trust is Louise Barnett.

The Executive Directors of the Trust Board are:

  • Arne Rose – Medical Director
  • Hayley Flavell – Director of Nursing
  • Nigel Lee – Chief Operating Officer
  • Helen Troalen – Finance Director

Other Directors

  • Chris Preston – Interim Deputy Chief Executive
  • Julia Clarke – Director of Public Participation
  • Rhia Boyode – Director of People and Organisational Development
  • Anna Milanec – Director of Governance and Communications/Company Secretary

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