Our Trust Board Members


The Chairman of a Trust Board is a non-executive appointment, accountable to the Secretary of State for Health for giving leadership to the Board and ensuring that it fulfils its full responsibilities. The Chairman ensures that the Board:

  • provides efficient and effective healthcare
  • maintains financial viability
  • meets legal and contractual obligations.

The Chair of The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust is Ben Reid OBE.

Non-Executive Directors

Every NHS Trust Board must have a majority of lay people on the Board, including the Chairman and Non-Executive Directors. They are appointed from the local community served by the Trust, and their responsibilities include:

  • helping the board to work in the public interest and keep its patients and the public properly informed
  • helping to plan for the future to improve healthcare services
  • making sure that the management team meets its performance targets
  • making sure that the finances of the organisation are managed properly, with accurate information.

Each Non-Executive Director also brings individual skills and personal experience of their community and the NHS to guide the work of the Trust.

The Non-Executive Directors of The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust are:

  • Tony Allen
  • Tony Bristlin
  • Tony Carroll (Associate Non-Executive Director)
  • Harmesh Darbhanga (Associate Non-Executive Director)
  • Clive Deadman 
  • Mandy Edwards
  • David Lee
  • Brian Newman
  • Chris Weiner (Associate Non-Executive Director)

Executive Directors

The Executive Directors are experts led by a Chief Executive. Each Executive has their own clinical/functional responsibilities (e.g. medical, finance) as well as being a corporate member of the Board

The Chief Executive of the Trust is Simon Wright, who joined on 28 September 2015.

The Executive Directors of the Trust Board are:

  • Dr Edwin Borman – Medical Director
  • Mrs Barbara Beal – Interim Director of Nursing
  • Mr Neil Nisbet – Finance Director
  • Mr Nigel Lee – Chief Operating Officer

Other members of the Executive Management Team in attendance at the Trust Board

The Director of Corporate Governance, Mrs Julia Clarke, is our Company Secretary and attends as a non-voting member of the Trust Board.

The Trust has one other corporate director who is also not a voting member of the Trust Board but forms part of the corporate management team of the Trust. This is Workforce Director Miss Victoria Maher. She is normally in attendance at Trust Board meetings.

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