Day Surgery Unit

 Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

Welcome to Day Surgery Unit at The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

Please speak to a member of staff before bringing children on the ward.

When visiting us at the ward we politely ask;

  • That you make sure mobile phones are on silent.
  • You avoid bringing flowers onto the ward due to hygiene reasons.
  • Visitors avoid sitting on patient beds.
  • There are no more than two visitors at a bedside.
  • Chairs are put away at the end of each visit.
  • Hand rub that is located on the main ward door is used when entering and leaving the ward. This is an important infection control measure.

If you are admitted to one of our hospitals and would like some guidance about your stay, please visit our staying with us page.

Key Info

Contact us

For general enquiries please contact:
Tel: 01743 261000
Ext: 1229


Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

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Ward Management

Day Surgery

Ward Manager: Karen Gordon
Matron: Gill Joseph

Visiting Times

Day Surgery Unit
Please contact the Unit for details about visiting.

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Day Surgery
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