Day Surgery

Surgery at SaTH

Please report to reception on arrival and please bring all your letters with you. Please do not arrive before 07.20 as you will not be able to gain access to the department.

We encourage you to only bring one person/visitor with you on the day of your surgery and we discourage children from attending with you. A maximum of 2 visitors will be allowed at the manager’s discretion. Your visitor will be asked to leave the department once you have gone to theatre, but they can re-join you once you return to the ward.

There is a number of restaurants and shops situated within the Hospital where your friends and relatives can purchase refreshments.

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Associated Wards

Day Surgery Unit Royal Shrewsbury Hospital
Day Surgery Unit Princess Royal Hospital

  • Take a shower or bath.
  • Remove all make up, nail varnish, piercings or artificial nails.
  • Remove all jewellery.
  • Ensure that you have everything you need (please see below for more information about what to bring)
  • Make sure that you have made transport arrangements home.

On the day of your operation you must follow the fasting/starving instructions that were sent to you with your letter. Fasting includes mints, sweets and chewing gum. If there is liquid or food in your stomach when you are given the anaesthetic it could come up to the back of your throat and damage your lungs and cause severe injury. Your operation will be cancelled if you do not follow these instructions.

If you are having a General Anaesthetic and coming to hospital for 7.30am, please do not eat anything or drink milk after 2.30am. You can drink clear fluids such as black tea/coffee, squash or water (not fizzy) only until 6.30am.

If you are having a General Anaesthetic and coming to hospital for 12.30pm, please do not eat anything or drink milk after 7.30am . You can drink clear fluids such as black tea/coffee, squash or water (not fizzy) only until 11.30am.

If you are having a local Anaesthetic it is advised that you take only a light meal/snack prior to your admission.

You must not smoke on the day of your operation; if you require any support to help you to quit please advise your nurse on admission and they can refer you to the ‘help to quit team’, or you can visit our stop smoking page.

If you are having a general anaesthetic you will need a responsible adult with you for 24 hours after your procedure.

We have two admission times; 7.30am for morning theatre lists and 12.30pm for afternoon theatre lists. Your letter will tell you which time to arrive. Please read this letter carefully.

Theatre sessions start at 9am and 1.30pm. Patients are asked to arrive earlier in order to prepare them for theatre. There can be up to 7 patients on each theatre list and the order of the list is made up of the most complex cases and patients receiving a general anaesthetic (as they take longer to recover) first, followed by patients who require a local anaesthetic or less complex procedures.

We require every patient to arrive at 7.30am or 12.30pm so that every patient can be seen by their consultant, their anaesthetist, admitting nurse and physiotherapists before going to theatre. The consultant and anaesthetist have to be in theatre before 9am/1pm to prepare for the list. Once they are in theatre they are unable to come out as this would increase the infection risk to others. This would also delay the list even further.

All patients are advised in their letters that depending on where they are on the list that they may have between a 1 – 5 hour wait for their procedure.

The Day Surgery Ward is a very busy unit and we can often use each trolley 2/3 times a day.  This increases our patient flow and therefore reduces waiting lists. This sometimes means that our afternoon patients sometimes are left waiting in waiting room whilst we are trying to discharge our morning patients. We apologise for this wait but we work extremely hard to get all our patients through and do not wish to cancel anybody’s surgery.

We advise that you bring a book, puzzles or magazines to keep you occupied.

  • Dressing Gown
  • Slippers
  • Wash bag (if you are having a general anaesthetic)
  • All your medication/inhalers
  • Glasses/contact lenses

Any Valuables, jewellery, large sums of money, credit cards or electronic devices, as we do not have the facilities to lock them away. If you do please give them to a friend or relative to look after on admission. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer about belongings on admission.

Wedding rings are allowed and will be taped during surgery, but please bear in mind if the ring is on the hand or on the same side as your surgery then you may be asked to remove the ring due to the risk of swelling.

For further consideration of what you may need to bring during your stay, please visit our page about your stay with us.

Mobile phones are not encouraged on the ward, but you may use them for essential calls only. Please be mindful that patients around you will be recovering, therefore we need to minimise any disruption during this time.

If you usually take medication you should have been advised during your Pre-assessment on whether or not you should do so during the run-up to your operation (you will only have a pre-assessment if you are having a general anaesthetic ). Medication should be taken with a sip of water before 7am. If you are having a local anaesthetic and you need advice please phone the ward.

It is very important to follow all the instructions we give you.  If you do not, we may have to cancel your procedure on the day.