Ward 32 Short Stay

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As a team, we strive to live the Trusts values and deliver the safest, kindest care possible. Although we understand that no one wants to be in hospital, we will do whatever we reasonably can to make your stay with us as comfortable and reassuring as we can.

If during or after your stay you have any questions or concerns, myself and my senior team are always happy to help. Please feel free to contact me by phone or e mail and I will respond as soon as possible.

I hope you find this page useful, but if there are things you feel should be included, do let us know.

About us

Ward 32 is a short stay general medical ward. We cater mainly for people with heart, lung or other acute medical problems needing a length of stay of less than 3 – 5 days, though clearly this depends on how quickly you recover from your illness.

The ward is divided up into four bays and four side rooms, plus we have two “annex” rooms for less poorly, more physically independent patients. We have four shower rooms / toilets, and also benefit from a spacious day room with tv and outside space, where you are welcome to sit and take your meals if you feel up to it.

We cater for both male and female patients, providing single sex bays and facilities in line with national standards.

We have recently started on the pathway to Exemplar Ward Status. We consistently score highly for cleanliness and hand hygene audits, and have not had a case of CDiff or MRSA bacteraemia for at least 18 months, something we are rightly proud of!

As I type, we sit 10th out of 41 wards and departments for best venous infusion phlebitis score (VIPs) checks, ensuring our patients are protected from sepsis risks caused by unchecked cannulas, and during the last twelve months (2018-19) we have only had 3 minor cases of pressure damage in our patients.

We will always strive to do better!

We have a great team of nurses, doctors and support staff, and benefit from our own ward based consultant physician who does a daily ward round Monday to Friday.

We actively encourage patients daily to wear their own clothes rather than pyjamas to promote independence and help fight pyjama paralysis, a major cause of delayed discharge, especially in our older patients.

We are careful about our environment, because it’s hard to keep the ward clean if there is lots of clutter. With this in mind, please only bring things you need so that the ward can keep your bed space tidy and clutter free, and help protect you and your loved ones from infections.

In common with most areas in the Trust, we are a very busy department, but we aim to treat you with a welcoming smile, and where we can, share a laugh and a joke, because both you and we feel better when we can see the bright side of life.

Finally, it’s you – the patient, that we are here for. We get up each day to come and take care of you and help you get better. You are our inspiration and drive. We promise to treat you with kindness and respect. In return we want nothing but to be treated with courtousy.

If we ever fall short of this, please let me know, and I will do whatever I can to put things right.

Pab Hnatiuk

Ward Manager

Ward 32 Short Stay.

Key Info

Contact us

For general enquiries please contact:
Tel: 01743 261000
Ext: 3118


Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

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Ward Management

Pab Hnatiuk
Ward Manager
Tel 01743 261000
Extension 2783
Email:  pab.hnatiuk@nhs.net

Tom Davies
Charge Nurse
Tel 01743 261000
Extension 3118
Email: tom.davies11@nhs.net

Phillip Blent
Charge Nurse
Tel 01743 261000
Extension 3118
Email: phill.blent@nhs.net

Visiting Times

Daily 2pm until 9pm

If you have a relative with us who is very poorly, has special needs or suffers with confusion / disorientation, needs assistance to wash, dress or feed, and you would like to be part of this, or help,  then you will be most welcome outside these hours. Please discuss with a member of the senior team at your earliest opportunity and we will issue a carers passport if appropriate.

Please note that we operate protected meal times on Ward 32, so unless you are helping someone to eat, you will be politely asked to leave for the duration of any mealtimes.

Please be aware that our bays are not large so space is limited. We therefore ask you keep visitors to a maximum of two at any time.

If more of you arrive, then you are welcome to use the day room or if you are well enough, pop off the ward to the canteen or league of friends. Just let your nurse know you are going.

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